Our excellent facilities include:

- an 70 x 170 indoor with LiteStride footing,

- a fenced 80 x 200 outdoor sand arena,

(arenas are set up with dressage letters, and have ground poles, cavalletti and jump equipment)

- a cross-country course and

- miles of trails on the property

CEC prides itself on providing a safe, relaxed, professionally-managed environment for you and your horse. Each horse receives individual care and attention.

Capacity: 29 stalls for full board and space for an individual 5 – 10 horses on rough board. Main barn: 14 stalls, a heated tack room and a wash stall. Additional 9-stall barn; 3 stall-barn and 2 stall-barn.

Turn-out: We have a number of turn-out paddocks of varying sizes for both group and individual turn-out, including extensive grass paddocks for group turn-out from April to October. In addition, 16 of the stalls have small turn-out areas attached. Horses that can be turned out in groups are guaranteed full-day turn-out. Horses that need to be on their own have a minimum half-day turnout.

We Provide:

  • Expert care; including, but not limited to:
  • All feed: consisting of 2 (or more if needed) grain meals; day;
  • plentiful high-quality hay; 
  • the addition of supplements to feeds, as required; the administration of medications as prescribed; medical care and attention; deworming program
  • On-site staff; live-in Barn Manager. 
  • daily wellness checks;
  • night check;
  • Blanketing, as required;
  • General care and observation to ensure the horse’s comfort, welfare, and safety;
  • Access for owner and horse to exercise areas, trails and other facilities on the premises.

  • CEC Charges 2018
  • BOARD: $760 per month

attached run-out: $50 per month

locker in the main tackroom: $50 per month

Individual turn-out: $50 pm

Rough Board Options (if available): $535 shared; $635 individual

Trailer on property: $50

Blanketing including rainsheets.
Putting on fly masks and fly spray (and flysheets if necessary * See below)
Routine De-worming (every 2 months)
Heated water buckets in winter

Contact: Athene von Hirschberg


860.942.3942 (Athene); 860.742.1900 (Barn) 

220 Talcott Hill Rd.Coventry, CT, 06238

 Boarding & Facilities